Blockchain Association says legally, Gensler has to step back


29 Jun 2023 6:19 PM

Gensler has displayed clear bias against the crypto space, plus his agency has failed to do its job, crypto advocacy group says....

  • The Blockchain Association claims that SEC Chair Gary Gensler has displayed bias against the crypto space and has failed to create rules and guidance for digital assets.
  • They argue that Gensler should step back from enforcement actions against the crypto industry.
  • Gensler's comments in a New York Magazine interview, where he stated that "everything other than bitcoin" is a security, have raised concerns about his impartiality.
  • The Blockchain Association calls for Gensler to recuse himself from all decisions related to digital asset-related enforcement matters.


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What claims does the Blockchain Association make about SEC Chair Gary Gensler?Why does the Blockchain Association argue that Gensler should step back from enforcement actions?What comments by Gensler have raised concerns about his impartiality?What action does the Blockchain Association call for regarding Gensler's involvement in digital asset-related enforcement matters?

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