FTX sues Dan Friedberg alleging he used ‘hush money’ to silence whistleblowers


28 Jun 2023 2:21 AM

FTX has sued the former chief regulatory officer Dan Friedberg, alleging that he paid off whistleblowers who threatened to expose the "true fraudulent nature" of the exchange....

  • FTX has filed a lawsuit against a former regulatory and compliance executive, Daniel Friedberg, alleging he made payments to prevent staff from blowing the whistle about issues at the exchange.
  • Friedberg was accused of being a "fixer" for FTX's co-founder and making "hush money" payments to potential whistleblowers.
  • FTX claims that Friedberg breached his legal duties and approved fraudulent transfers and loans to other former FTX executives.
  • FTX is seeking to recover Friedberg's salary, signing bonus, and equity in FTX US.


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