"Fallen" FTX Gears Up for a Relaunch - Here's When and How


28 Jun 2023 11:14 AM

In a bold attempt to revive its international platform, fallen crypto exchange FTX is making significant strides despite past setbacks. With a reputation...

  • FTX, a fallen crypto exchange, is making efforts to relaunch its international platform after facing a severe blow when $9 billion in customer funds were misappropriated.
  • Under the leadership of CEO John Ray III, FTX is initiating talks with interested parties and considering rebranding.
  • Blockchain technology company Figure has shown interest in aiding FTX's relaunch efforts.
  • FTX is soliciting interested parties for the reboot, compensating existing customers, and recruiting new team members.
  • FTX Debtors plan to conduct the sale process in Q3 or Q4 of this year and are considering potential investments in FTX 2.0.
  • Despite regulatory scrutiny and legal issues, the potential restart of FTX.com offers hope for the crypto industry.

The article portrays a positive sentiment overall, highlighting FTX's efforts to relaunch its platform and potential partnerships and investments. However, it also acknowledges the regulatory scrutiny and legal issues faced by FTX and its founder.

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