FTX Claims Portal Back in Action After Cybersecurity Incident in August

Crypto News
Crypto News

17 Sep 2023 10:06 AM

FTX has reopened its customer claims portal, unfreezing user accounts that were affected by a cybersecurity incident in August....

  • FTX has reopened its customer claims portal, allowing users affected by a cybersecurity incident to access their accounts and proceed with the claims process.
  • The freezing of customer accounts was a precautionary measure, and additional security measures have been implemented on the claims platform.
  • Account holders of the defunct crypto exchange can seek compensation for their losses by filing a proof of claim with Kroll.
  • The judge overseeing FTX's bankruptcy case has approved the liquidation of its digital assets.
  • 36,075 customer claims, worth $16 billion, have been filed against FTX and its US arm.
  • FTX holds approximately $7 billion in assets, including Solana (SOL) tokens and Bitcoin (BTC).
  • FTX can sell and invest its crypto holdings to pay back creditors, as ruled by a judge.
  • Justin Sun, founder of Tron Network, is considering making a bid for FTX's assets to reduce market impact and ignite growth in the sector.

The sentiment of the article is mostly neutral, with a focus on the reopening of the customer claims portal and the potential impact on FTX's assets and creditors.

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