Former Bithumb Chairman faces eight-year imprisonment


18 Nov 2023 10:20 AM

Former Bithumb chairman Lee Jeong-hoon faces an eight-year prison term if convicted in his appeal, scheduled for January, 4....

  • Lee Jeong-hoon, former chairman of Bithumb, is facing a legal battle and a potential eight-year prison sentence.
  • Prosecutors claim that Lee intended to gain from exchange coins by circumventing financial regulations.
  • Lee allegedly received payments without disclosing the decision not to list BXA Coin.
  • Lee's defense challenges the assertions, pointing out discrepancies in statements and questioning the reliability of Kim, the BK Group Chairman.
  • Lee faces accusations of violating economic crime laws, particularly fraud, in a deal involving Bithumb and the listing of BXA Coin.
  • The appeal's outcome will impact Bithumb's future, the fate of BXA Coin, and potentially lead to increased regulatory scrutiny in the cryptocurrency industry.

The article presents a negative sentiment towards Lee Jeong-hoon, highlighting the legal battle and potential prison sentence he faces. It also emphasizes the potential impact on Bithumb, BXA Coin, and the need for regulatory frameworks in the cryptocurrency industry.

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