Fantom Foundation awards $1.7M bounty for preventing $170M drain


21 Nov 2023 9:45 AM

The Fantom Foundation has eliminated a $170 million vulnerability in the aftermath of a $550,000 hack in October....

  • The Fantom Foundation, a nonprofit organization developing the Fantom blockchain platform, experienced a $550,000 hack in October.
  • An unknown attacker drained 1% of the foundation's funds from a hot wallet, leading to a targeted attack.
  • A security researcher discovered a potential risk associated with the hack, involving a dormant admin token for Fantom's ERC-20 FTM contract.
  • The vulnerability could have allowed the hacker to drain $170 million using the wallet access.
  • The Fantom Foundation quickly mitigated the vulnerability and awarded the researcher $1.7 million for their contribution.
  • Despite the hack, the value of the Fantom token has risen by 82% since the incident.

The article discusses a significant vulnerability and hack experienced by the Fantom Foundation. However, it also highlights the quick mitigation of the vulnerability and the rise in value of the Fantom token.

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