Ethereum Holesky Testnet Already Seeing Issues, What’s Wrong This Time?


18 Sep 2023 12:00 PM

The recently unveiled Ethereum testnet, Holesky, failed to launch after developers discovered flaws in the testnet’s design. ...

  • Ethereum's Holesky testnet, designed to replace the Goerli testnet, failed to launch due to a misconfiguration in the ExtraData field.
  • The misconfiguration was identified by an Ethereum researcher named Protolambda.
  • The launch delay and misconfigurations were explained by Parithosh, a DevOps at the Ethereum Foundation.
  • The Holesky testnet is scheduled for a relaunch in two weeks, with improvements to prevent future misconfigurations.
  • The delay has not significantly affected the price of Ethereum's native token, ETH.

The article highlights a technical flaw in Ethereum's Holesky testnet and the subsequent delay in its launch. However, developers are working to resolve the issue and improve the testnet, which is seen as a positive step for the Ethereum ecosystem.

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