TRUMP2024 Blasts Up 1,000% as Crypto Markets Bounce and This Lesser Known Coin May be The Next Crypto to Explode

Crypto News
Crypto News

19 Sep 2023 10:13 AM

TRUMP2024 Price Analysis: Donald Trump-themed memecoins make bounce-back after Special Counsel gagging order request. ALSO: Discover biggest meme coin CEX listing of Q3 2023 here....

  • Donald Trump and MAGA themed meme coins, such as TRUMP2024 and $MAGA, have experienced significant growth during the "on-chain summer."
  • The emergence of Telegram trading bots has empowered retail users to trade on-chain instantly with minimal risk.
  • Market sentiment is becoming increasingly bullish for coins that tap into political fanfare and humor.
  • TRUMP2024 is currently trading at $0.081880, representing a 24-hour change of 571%.
  • The recent surge in interest and price was triggered by the global media circus around Trump's gagging order.
  • An upcoming CEX listing for Wall Street Memes (WSM) has attracted smart money following a successful presale funding round.
  • WSM aims to tokenize the anti-bank movement and redefine our perception of digital value.
  • The presale for WSM raised over $25 million, making it the biggest meme coin presale of 2023.
  • Investors are drawn to WSM due to its democratic price point at $0.0337 and the potential for lucrative gains.

The sentiment in the article is generally positive, highlighting the growth and potential of meme coins like TRUMP2024 and Wall Street Memes (WSM). There is excitement around the market sentiment shifting towards political fanfare and humor.

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