Decentralized sensors to combat noise pollution hit the blockchain


19 Sep 2023 9:05 AM

According to the network’s co-founders, the places with the most data points are currently Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, with developing countries having a more “acute” issue with noise pollution....

  • The Silencio network is using over 35,000 smartphones as noise sensors to combat global noise pollution.
  • The network is integrated with the Peaq Network blockchain ecosystem and aims to expand its reach to include more noise sensor devices.
  • Silencio reports that its noise sensors cover 176 countries and plans to work on one million devices by 2024.
  • Community members receive tokenized rewards for providing "hyper-local" noise pollution data.
  • Silencio has collected over a billion data points from its devices, with major contributions from Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.
  • The project aims to address the prevalent global health concern of hearing loss and the economic impact of noise pollution.
  • User privacy is protected through measures such as measuring decibel levels instead of audio content and anonymizing and encrypting collected data.

The article highlights a positive initiative to combat noise pollution using smartphone sensors and blockchain technology. It also emphasizes the importance of user privacy and the potential impact on global health and the economy.

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