Crypto wallet with zero connectivity: NGRAVE joins Cointelegraph Accelerator


18 Nov 2023 10:00 AM

NGRAVE, a digital asset security provider, offers user-friendly, self-custody solutions that combine offline key creation with advanced recovery options for crypto users...

  • Cryptocurrencies are digital-only assets that can be stored in online solutions, hardware wallets, or third-party custody.
  • Security concerns and the need for offline solutions have driven the growth of the hardware wallet market.
  • NGRAVE is a digital asset security provider that offers the NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet.
  • The ZERO wallet is fully offline and communicates through QR codes, ensuring air-gapped protection.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and anti-tampering measures for physical and digital security.
  • NGRAVE is raising a Series A round of funding and aims to expand its product line and integrations.

The article highlights the increasing demand for offline hardware wallets and introduces NGRAVE as a solution. The sentiment is positive, emphasizing the security and ease of use provided by NGRAVE's products.

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