Malta begins public consultation on revised crypto rules to align with MiCA


18 Sep 2023 1:06 PM

With the passing of the MiCA regulations, all existing regulations in the European Union nations will be replaced by the universal MiCA laws. ...

  • Malta's Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is seeking public consultation on changes to its crypto regulations to align with Europe's Markets in crypto-assets (MICA) regulations.
  • The consultation period is open until Sept. 29, and the proposed changes aim to align rules for exchanges, custodians, and portfolio managers with the EU's MiCA.
  • Malta initially established its crypto framework in 2018 with the Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) and now seeks to amend existing regulations to align with universal EU laws.
  • France, another EU nation, has also amended its regulatory guidelines for crypto to align with MiCA.

The article provides information about Malta's efforts to align its crypto regulations with the EU's MiCA regulations. The sentiment is neutral, as it simply reports on the regulatory changes without expressing a positive or negative opinion.

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