Crypto Investment Products See Continuous Outflows, Nearing $500 Million in Nine Weeks

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Crypto News

19 Sep 2023 6:00 PM

Capital continued to flow out of crypto-backed investment funds last week, with total outflows for the past nine weeks now nearing $500 million....

  • Capital outflows from crypto-backed investment funds reached nearly $500 million in the past nine weeks.
  • Last week's outflows amounted to $54 million, a slight improvement from the previous week's $59 million.
  • Bitcoin accounted for the majority of outflows, with $45 million leaving Bitcoin funds.
  • Short-Bitcoin funds also experienced significant outflows of $3.8 million, indicating doubt among speculators.
  • Altcoin funds backed by Ethereum's ETH lost $4.8 million, while Binance's BNB saw $300,000 of outflows.
  • CoinShares analyst James Butterfill noted that most outflows were from US, German, Canadian, and Swedish products.
  • Trading volumes increased by 42% to approximately $1 billion for the week.

The article provides a negative sentiment as it highlights the continuous outflows from crypto-backed investment funds and the doubts among speculators regarding the direction of Bitcoin.

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