Crypto gamblers are betting heavily on Barbie to top Oppenheimer


30 Jun 2023 8:23 PM

Here’s how crypto gamblers on Polymarket feel about this hurricane season, Zuck vs. Musk and BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF....

  • Polymarket is a blockchain-powered prediction market platform that allows users to bet on various topics.
  • Users buy or sell "outcome shares" that are worth $1 or nothing depending on the outcome.
  • Polymarket highlights include bets on topics such as the potential fight between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk and whether Kylian Mbappé will leave Paris Saint-Germaine.
  • The market for the Zuckerberg-Musk fight is betting against an announcement before July 1, with "yes" shares priced at $0.05 and "no" shares at $0.97.
  • The Mbappé market is based on whether he will leave Paris Saint-Germaine, following his statement about not renewing his contract.

The sentiment in the article is mostly neutral, focusing on the speculative nature of cryptocurrency and the betting markets on Polymarket.

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