DeFi’s next growth catalyst: the Oracle breakthrough


19 Sep 2023 2:00 PM

Despite the vital role they play in DeFi, Oracle development has remained surprisingly sluggish—until now....

  • Chronicle Labs, in collaboration with Centrifuge, is exploring solutions for providing reliable and tamper-proof information on real-world assets (RWAs) to blockchains, enhancing data security and regulatory compliance in the DeFi sector.
  • Chronicle Labs' Scribe offers heightened security and efficient data transfer, reducing gas usage by over 60% during testing and lowering the cost of Oracle operations.
  • Oracles play a crucial role in transmitting data on-chain in decentralized finance (DeFi), but their growth has been relatively static.
  • The efficiency of on-chain Oracles, particularly on platforms like Ethereum, is constrained, impacting DeFi's potential.
  • Chronicle Protocol presents a novel solution to the prevalent issues of accessibility, transparency, and decentralization in on-chain Oracles.

The article highlights the sluggish development of Oracle technology in DeFi and introduces Chronicle Protocol as a promising solution. The overall sentiment is positive, emphasizing the potential benefits of Chronicle Labs' innovative approach.

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