Centrifuge to meet demand for Real World Assets with liquidity pools


19 Sep 2023 12:00 PM

Centrifuge liquidity pool testnets have launched on Arbitrum and Base, with plans to release on other networks in the future....

  • Centrifuge, a protocol for decentralized financing, has launched real-world asset liquidity pool testnets on Arbitrum and Base.
  • The testnets aim to provide borrowers with access to liquidity without intermediaries.
  • Centrifuge's liquidity pools can be deployed on any EVM-compatible blockchain.
  • The company is prioritizing launches based on ecosystem demand, committed TVL, and unique value for real-world assets.
  • Three new RWA pools will go live on the Centrifuge app, including Anemoy Capital, New Silver, and Flowcarbon.
  • Centrifuge's pools will use real-time price feeds from Chronicle Labs, an oracle infrastructure provider for Maker.

The article highlights the launch of Centrifuge's liquidity pool testnets on Arbitrum and Base, showcasing the potential for decentralized financing and providing access to liquidity for real-world assets. The sentiment is positive, emphasizing the company's efforts to cater to the demand for RWA and collaborate with other industry players.

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