CeFi is making the DeFi jump. Will it work?


17 Nov 2023 3:44 PM

CeFi’s share of crypto funding has fallen since its 2021 heyday, and the platforms are increasingly adopting features popular in DeFi....

  • CeFi's share of crypto venture funds has significantly decreased since 2021, receiving less than 7% of funds from July to October.
  • Centralized exchanges are adopting features commonly found in decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms.
  • The decline in CeFi funding may be due to firms already acquiring sufficient funding in previous rounds.
  • Trading on centralized exchanges has decreased while decentralized exchanges have seen an increase in trading volume.
  • Centralized platforms are focusing on building all-in-one crypto apps and exploring layer-2 solutions.
  • The pivot towards DeFi by CeFi platforms may be driven by a need for liquidity and cross-selling opportunities.

The article highlights a decline in CeFi funding and trading volume on centralized exchanges, while also discussing the adoption of DeFi features and the development of all-in-one crypto apps and layer-2 solutions. The sentiment is neutral, providing information without expressing a clear positive or negative opinion.

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