Canto is moving its DeFi-focused app chain to Polygon


18 Sep 2023 7:38 PM

The Canto alt layer-1 network intends to transition to a zero-knowledge layer-2 on Ethereum, via the Polygon Chain Development Kit. ...

  • Canto, a blockchain for decentralized finance applications, plans to transition to a zero-knowledge layer-2 on Ethereum using the Polygon Chain Development Kit.
  • By joining the Polygon ecosystem, Canto can tap into liquidity and inherit security properties from Ethereum.
  • The Polygon CDK provides shared liquidity through a zk bridge and interoperability layer.
  • Canto would use Plonky2 for zk proofs and maintain a proof-of-stake validator set.
  • Other blockchains, like Immutable, have also been using the Polygon CDK for testing.

The article highlights the benefits of Canto joining the Polygon ecosystem, indicating a positive sentiment towards the decision.

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