Blockchain Australia CEO calls for unified efforts to stamp out crypto scams


30 Jun 2023 6:17 AM

Blockchain Australia CEO Simon Callaghan stated at Australian Blockchain Week that the body will collaborate with @ausgov and local banks to clamp down on cryptocurrency scams....

  • Blockchain Australia's new CEO, Simon Callaghan, is urging banks, the government, and the crypto industry to collaborate in combating rising cryptocurrency scams.
  • The association will focus on preventing scams involving crypto, along with other efforts.
  • Scams often originate on social media or through telecommunication channels, emphasizing the need for policing efforts from the point of first contact.
  • Australia's largest banks have imposed restrictions or bans on certain payments to cryptocurrency exchanges due to the increasing threat of scams.
  • The Australian government is investing heavily in reducing scams, with the National Anti-Scam Center set to open on July 1.
  • Blockchain Australia plans to examine scam data collected from cryptocurrency exchanges and share best practices for scam and fraud prevention.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive, as it highlights the efforts being made by Blockchain Australia, banks, and the government to combat cryptocurrency scams. The focus on collaboration and sharing best practices indicates a proactive approach to protecting consumers.

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