Bittrex Global announces all trading will be disabled as it winds down operations


20 Nov 2023 8:24 PM

Users of Bittrex Global will have until Dec. 4 to convert all U.S. dollar holdings and complete trading before only withdrawals are allowed on the platform....

  • Bittrex Global, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Liechtenstein, plans to wind down operations.
  • Trading activity will be suspended on December 4, and users with USD holdings must convert them to Euros or cryptocurrency before that date.
  • Certain withdrawals will still be allowed after December 4.
  • Bittrex's US-based arm previously announced plans to wind down operations due to regulatory uncertainty and faced charges from the SEC.
  • Bittrex filed for Chapter 11 protection and settled with the SEC for $24 million in penalties and interest.
  • The SEC also charged Bittrex Global in connection with its operation of a shared order book.

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