Bittrex Global to Halt All Trading in December as it Winds Down Operations

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Crypto News

21 Nov 2023 7:33 AM

Bittrex Global has announced to wind down most exchange operations and trading activities in the coming weeks....

  • Bittrex Global will wind down most exchange operations and trading activities in the coming weeks.
  • Trading activity on Bittrex Global will be disabled from December 4, 2023.
  • Users will only be able to withdraw their assets after December 4.
  • U.S. dollar holdings cannot be withdrawn, and users are urged to convert their balances to euros or cryptocurrencies.
  • Bittrex advised users to withdraw funds promptly in case liquidators impose withdrawal constraints.
  • Other operations and features, including the Global Referral Program and promotion programs, will also cease.
  • Bittrex previously ceased its American operations in April due to regulatory challenges.
  • The company faced undisclosed challenges that led to the decision to halt operations globally.
  • Bittrex's daily trading volume has significantly reduced from $141 million in November 2021 to $5.1 million currently.
  • The company reached a $24 million settlement with securities regulators in August.

The article portrays a negative sentiment as it discusses the winding down of Bittrex Global's operations and the challenges faced by the company.

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