Bitcoin price churns under $37K as markets hold breath for ETF news


17 Nov 2023 6:43 PM

Bitcoin’s rally has largely been attributed to optimism that the SEC will approve a BTC ETF, but the real rally could come when the product hits the market....

  • Bitcoin's rally has been attributed to optimism about the approval of a BTC ETF by the SEC.
  • Equities traded sideways while cryptocurrencies had mixed performance.
  • Bitcoin gained 1% while Ether dipped 1.6%.
  • The SEC has been in talks with exchanges regarding cash creates, which traders took as a sign of imminent approval.
  • The SEC delayed its decision on an issuer's proposed Ethereum product.
  • CoinShares head of research suggests a relationship between inflows and price change in Bitcoin.
  • Analysts from Galaxy predict significant inflows into Bitcoin ETFs if approved.

The article discusses the potential impact of a Bitcoin ETF approval by the SEC on the market. It highlights the optimism surrounding this possibility and the potential for a price bounce. However, it also mentions the SEC's delay in deciding on an Ethereum product, which may have dampened some of the initial frenzy. Overall, the sentiment is cautiously optimistic.

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