‘Next Round of Bailouts Is Here’ — Bitcoin and Precious Metals Soar Amid Speculation of Fed Policy Change – Bitcoin News

Jamie Redman
Jamie Redman

17 Mar 2023 8:30 PM

A number of speculators suspect that the run-up in prices is because the U.S. central bank will now relax its monetary tightening policy....

  • Bitcoin price surged past $27,000 to a high of $27,025 per unit.
  • Precious metals like gold and silver also rose between 1.98% and 2.12% against the U.S. dollar over the past day.
  • Speculators suspect the U.S. central bank will relax its monetary tightening policy, leading to the rebound of PMs and cryptocurrencies.
  • The Fed's recent actions have added to speculation that the money printer has been turned back on.
  • Phoenix Capital Research analyst Summers insists that the "next round of bailouts/easing/reflating the financial system is here" and "this won't end well."

The article has a negative sentiment as it suggests that the Fed's monetary policy changes may lead to negative consequences in the future.

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