Bitcoin hits first daily death cross this year: Looking back to see ahead


15 Sep 2023 9:06 PM

Bitcoin’s daily “death cross” has once again reared its ugly head, with both long and short-term moving averages having crossed on Tuesday....

  • Bitcoin's daily "death cross" occurred when its long-term and short-term moving averages crossed on Tuesday.
  • The death cross is considered a bearish signal in technical analysis, indicating a potential long-term downtrend in the asset's price.
  • Traders may interpret the death cross as a sell signal or a sign of impending bearish market conditions.
  • However, timing exits based on the death cross often leads to mixed results.
  • Historical examples show that the death cross sometimes precedes a short-lived bear market, but in other cases, it proves to be a false signal.
  • The death cross should be considered in conjunction with macroeconomic fundamentals and market sentiment.

The sentiment of the article is neutral, presenting both the potential significance and limitations of the death cross as a trading signal.

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