Never Skip A Korea Pump? Bitcoin Cash Soars 168% in 10 Days


30 Jun 2023 7:46 AM

The Bitcoin Cash price has gone through the roof in recent days. Within the last ten days, the Bitcoin fork has risen by 168%. Here's why....

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has experienced a significant price increase, rising by 168% in the last ten days.
  • The rise in BCH's price has been attributed to several factors, including its listing on the new crypto exchange EDX Markets and a recent upgrade that introduced plans for CashTokens.
  • However, the main reason for the current pump in BCH seems to be South Korea, where a large portion of the trading volume originates.
  • The largest exchange in South Korea, Upbit, recorded over $350 million in trading volume for BCH/KRW in the last 24 hours, accounting for 23.58% of the total trading volume for BCH.

The sentiment towards Bitcoin Cash in this article is generally positive, as it highlights the significant price increase and attributes it to various factors.

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