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Kevin Helms
Kevin Helms

18 Mar 2023 10:30 PM

Blackrock's CEO has warned of more bank seizures and shutdowns that could result from regulatory changes in the U.S....

  • Blackrock CEO Larry Fink warns of additional bank seizures and shutdowns due to regulatory changes in response to recent bank failures in the US.
  • Fink predicts that some banks will need to pull back on lending to shore up their balance sheets and that stricter capital standards for banks are likely.
  • Recent bank failures include Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank.
  • Fink warns of potential liquidity mismatches for asset owners with leveraged portfolios and emphasizes the importance of capital markets in the longer term.
  • Fink cautions that with higher interest rates, governments cannot sustain recent levels of fiscal spending and the deficits of previous decades.

The article has a negative sentiment as it discusses potential bank seizures and shutdowns, liquidity mismatches, and the limited tools available to policymakers and regulators to address the current crisis.

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