Bitcoin Price Rally Stalls For Now, Here's Why


28 Jun 2023 10:50 AM

After the Bitcoin price hit a new yearly high of $32,410 last Friday, June 23, the price rally has stalled for the time being. While the long-term outlook...

  • The Bitcoin price rally has stalled after reaching a new yearly high of $32,410.
  • Negative news surrounding the depegging of TrueUSD (TUSD) may have unsettled investors.
  • Bitcoin miners are sending a record-high amount of BTC to exchanges, potentially indicating their use as collateral in derivatives trading.
  • The upcoming expiration of BTC options and the release of the PCE index numbers may be causing a wait-and-see approach in the market.
  • Bitcoin is facing resistance at $31,000 and is currently in a consolidation phase.

The sentiment in the article is mostly negative, with concerns about stablecoin depegging, miner behavior, and market uncertainty.

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