Italy’s central bank calls for framework to prevent stablecoin runs


29 Jun 2023 1:44 AM

The Bank of Italy is calling on regulators to hold stablecoin issuers and other centralized actors in the industry to the same “financial conduct standard” as traditional firms....

  • Italy's top banking authority is calling for a robust regulatory framework for stablecoins to prevent a "run" on stablecoins.
  • The central bank wants the same financial conduct standards to be applied to stablecoin issuers.
  • The rise of cryptocurrencies and unregulated environment has caused significant consumer harm.
  • Stablecoins' close connection to DeFi makes regulatory attention a priority.
  • The Italian banking authority highlights the instability of stablecoins, citing the collapse of TerraClassicUSD.
  • The industry needs to address the decentralization illusion and operate within regulated financial structures.
  • Not all crypto assets or activities need to be subjected to financial services regulation.
  • Italy's central bank calls for international cooperation to establish an international regulatory framework.

The article highlights the concerns of Italy's central bank regarding stablecoins and calls for a robust regulatory framework. It emphasizes the need for financial conduct standards, addressing consumer harm, and debunking the decentralization illusion. The sentiment is cautious and calls for international cooperation.

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