Azuki Addresses Elementals Mint Controversy, Teases 'Green Bean' NFT


28 Jun 2023 4:04 PM

With controversy still mounting after Azuki Elementals failed to hit its mark, the brand behind the collection has now issued a response,...

  • The Azuki Elementals mint went live on June 27, generating a lot of excitement.
  • However, there were issues with the mint mechanics and the reveal of the artwork.
  • Many collectors were frustrated because there was no cap on the number of Elementals one could mint, leading to some users securing a large number of NFTs.
  • The artwork of Elementals was criticized for being too similar to the original Azuki collection.
  • Azuki responded to the criticism, acknowledging their mistakes and expressing their commitment to making things right.

The sentiment in the article is mixed. There is excitement and fanfare surrounding the launch of Azuki Elementals, but there is also frustration and criticism due to issues with the mint mechanics and artwork.

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