Analysts Believe that ETH Gate Effect May Stop SEC To Drag Ripple and Its Execus to Trial


18 Sep 2023 1:21 PM

There is a wide public outrage over the SEC’s activities, and the latest flash in the pan is the SEC’s role in favoring Ethereum in the early phase.  It...

  • There is public outrage over the SEC's activities, particularly its role in favoring Ethereum in the early phase.
  • Steven Nerayoff has made allegations about potential corruption within the SEC and difficulties in accurately identifying Ethereum ICO participants.
  • There are doubts about the integrity of the current SEC leadership and whether the agency upholds its previously established standards.
  • Nerayoff suggests that Ethereum ICO investors may have concealed holdings and there may have been violations of Terms of Service during the ICO phase.
  • Nerayoff also alleges personal targeting and discrediting by the SEC, DOJ, and FBI.
  • John Deaton believes the SEC may avoid a Ripple trial to prevent potential revelations related to Ethereum.
  • The recent SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit ruling favored both sides but prompted an SEC appeal.
  • The outcome of these allegations remains uncertain.

The article highlights public outrage and allegations of corruption within the SEC, raising doubts about its integrity. It also mentions uncertainties and potential revelations related to Ethereum. Overall, the sentiment is negative.

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