New Cryptocurrency Bitcoin BSC Secures $3 Million In Fundraising, Presale Hits 50% Of Hard Cap As Demand Rises |


18 Sep 2023 5:48 PM

New cryptocurrency Bitcoin BSC has quickly become the talk of the town, thanks to its explosive start while on presale - BTCBSC has now raised approximately...

  • Bitcoin BSC, a new cryptocurrency, has gained attention for its explosive start in the presale, raising approximately $3 million in less than 2 weeks and selling out close to 50% of its hard cap.
  • The token is designed to replicate Bitcoin's meteoric rise by pricing it at just $0.99, reflecting Bitcoin's value in April 2011.
  • Bitcoin BSC has a maximum token supply of 21 million, with 6.125 million tokens available in the ICO.
  • Experts expect a surge in Bitcoin BSC's value, citing the success of similar BTC clones.
  • The on-chain staking mechanism of Bitcoin BSC is gaining traction among retail investors, offering attractive passive income regardless of the market outlook.
  • The staking pool currently offers a reward of 0.25 tokens per block, translating to a 150% APY.
  • Interested investors need to stake their BTCBSC tokens during the presale to maximize benefits.
  • Individual rewards will be distributed every 10 minutes based on an investor's share in the staking pool.
  • The project has reserved 69% of the token supply for staking rewards, which will be unlocked over 120 years.

The article presents Bitcoin BSC as an exciting new cryptocurrency with potential for significant value growth. It highlights the demand for the token and the benefits of its staking mechanism, appealing to investors looking for passive income.

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