Miss El Salvador Reps Nation's Bitcoin Miners With Volcanic Goddess Costume


18 Nov 2023 4:58 PM

The volcano-themed dress follows a Bitcoin-themed outfit worn by Miss El Salvador last year....

  • Miss El Salvador's outfit for the preliminary costume contest at the 2023 Miss Universe pageant was a "volcanic empowerment costume" inspired by the nation's signature volcanoes.
  • The costume featured a massive crown depicting the sun and a bright orange dress that transformed into crimson and charcoal.
  • The costume symbolizes the transformative power of nature and the rebirth of the country.
  • El Salvador has undergone significant changes, including making Bitcoin legal tender in 2021, which has helped boost tourism.
  • Last year's Miss El Salvador also wore a Bitcoin-themed outfit, representing the country's evolution of currency.
  • The Salvadoran government has announced a partnership with Volcano Energy to invest $1 billion in sustainable Bitcoin mining, with a portion of the revenue going to the government and infrastructure development.

The article highlights the positive reception of Miss El Salvador's volcanic empowerment costume and the transformative changes in El Salvador, including the adoption of Bitcoin and the partnership for sustainable Bitcoin mining. The sentiment overall is positive.

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