Meta’s Unveils New AI Tools for Creative Expression


17 Nov 2023 4:53 PM

Meta announced its new tools, Emu Video and Emu Edit, that will allow users to edit images and generate videos for Facebook and Instagram using text...

  • Meta has introduced two new tools, Emu Video and Emu Edit, for editing images and generating videos for Facebook and Instagram using text prompts.
  • These tools are built on Meta's Emu, the company's first foundational model for image generation.
  • Emu Video allows users to create four-second-long videos using text prompts and reference images, leveraging Meta's Emu model with a text-to-video feature based on diffusion models.
  • Emu Edit offers users a user-friendly way to tweak images effortlessly, providing enhanced capabilities and precision to image editing.
  • Meta's new tools aim to enable users to express themselves in new ways and explore the possibilities of image generation, aligning with the company's vision of creating a more immersive and interactive social media experience.
  • The tools are based on the research and development efforts of Meta's AI teams, including Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and Facebook Reality Labs (FRL).
  • Meta has collaborated with academic and industry partners, such as the University of California, Berkeley, and Adobe, to enhance its image generation technology.
  • The availability date for these tools has not been disclosed.

The article presents Meta's new tools, Emu Video and Emu Edit, in a positive light, highlighting their capabilities and potential to enhance image editing and video generation. The overall sentiment is neutral to positive.

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