Mastercard Introduces 'Multi-Token Network' to Support Wider Digital Asset Industry – Featured Bitcoin News

30 Jun 2023 1:30 AM

Mastercard has introduced its Multi-Token Network (MTN), a blockchain-powered app store for regulated financial applications....

  • Mastercard has introduced its Multi-Token Network (MTN), an app store powered by blockchain technologies for building regulated financial applications.
  • MTN aims to provide secure, scalable, and interoperable transactions within the digital asset and blockchain ecosystems.
  • The platform will offer developers access to tools, including a private version of the Ethereum blockchain, to build innovative applications.
  • The beta version of MTN will be released in the U.K. for testing with financial institutions, fintechs, and central banks.
  • Mastercard believes that digital asset and blockchain technologies will become critical infrastructure for storing and moving value.

The article portrays a positive sentiment towards Mastercard's Multi-Token Network. The introduction of MTN is described as one of Mastercard's most ambitious projects in the digital asset space, aiming to support the wider digital asset industry and fortify confidence in its future. The article also highlights Mastercard's active engagement in various crypto and blockchain projects.

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