Bitcoin Options Open Interest Climbs to Record $15B on Crypto Exchange Deribit


20 Nov 2023 10:43 AM

The notional open interest in BTC options listed on Deribit rose to a record $15 billion last week as traders scrambled to take bullish exposure....

  • Trading in bitcoin (BTC) options on Deribit has reached record levels, with notional open interest rising to $15 billion.
  • This represents a significant increase from late September and surpasses the previous peak in October 2021.
  • However, the current open interest has dropped to $13.8 billion.
  • Deribit is the leading crypto options exchange, accounting for 87% of the global crypto options open interest.
  • Options are becoming increasingly popular among traders for positioning, hedging, and leveraging volatility.

The article highlights the growing popularity of bitcoin options trading on Deribit, with record-breaking open interest. This indicates a positive sentiment towards the use of options as a strategic tool among traders.

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