Bitcoin Drops Below $30K as Altcoins Tumble; BTC Dominance Reaches 26-Month High


28 Jun 2023 8:26 PM

Bitcoin's market cap composes 52% of the total crypto market, its highest level since April 2021....

  • Bitcoin's price dropped below $30,000, causing smaller cryptocurrencies to also decline.
  • BTC's price fell to as low as $29,874, a 2.2% decline in the past 24 hours.
  • Altcoins experienced a sudden sell-off, with 5-10% drops from the previous day.
  • The OP token, ADA, MATIC, and AVAX suffered the largest declines among the top 20 cryptocurrencies.
  • BTC's dominance rate in the total crypto market increased above 52% for the first time since April 2021.

The article describes a negative sentiment as Bitcoin's drop below $30,000 led to a decline in smaller cryptocurrencies. Altcoins experienced a sudden sell-off, and several top cryptocurrencies suffered significant declines. The BTC dominance rate increasing suggests a stronger hold on the overall crypto market.

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