DMT and a Hellboy outfit — How diewiththemostlikes got on SuperRare: NFT Creator


17 Nov 2023 2:30 PM

Relentless & funny NFT Creator diewiththemostlikes says "good meat" instead of "gm!" and got on SuperRare thanks to DMT and a Hellboy outfit....

  • Mark Wilson, also known as diewiththemostlikes, is an artist with a unique and provocative style.
  • He stands out in the digital art market by ridiculing the NFT space and evoking humor and sadness in his work.
  • Wilson minted his first NFT on Foundation after being approached by a random account on X.
  • Despite a slow start, he has gained recognition and praise from other well-known artists.
  • Wilson is still coming to terms with his newfound success and is grateful to be part of a movement with other talented artists.
  • The name diewiththemostlikes is a play on Wilson's common name and mocks the transactional nature of seeking social media likes.
  • Wilson's art is inspired by observing society and its quirks, often conveying open or subtle messages.
  • He combines his thought-provoking art with a dry sense of humor and exaggerated presentation.

The sentiment in the article is generally positive, highlighting Wilson's unique style, recognition from other artists, and his ability to provoke thought and humor through his art.

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