AI Eye: AI travel booking hilariously bad, 3 weird uses for ChatGPT, crypto plugins


29 Jun 2023 1:30 PM

ChatGPT and Bard can help you book fictional hotels and awful 29-hour flights, 3 bizarre uses for AI, and do crypto plugins actually work?...

  • The AI chatbot Bard is surprisingly good at finding flights, providing options with major carriers and refining results based on specific preferences.
  • However, Bard is unable to provide a direct link to book flights, though the prices and details on the site match.
  • On the other hand, the AI chatbot ChatGPT fails to provide accurate flight suggestions and insists on longer flights even when direct options are available.
  • In terms of hotels, the Kayak plugin wins by default but suggests a hotel that is not located in the desired area.
  • Bard suggests a non-existent hotel and provides a fictional transcript of a conversation where it successfully books the non-existent hotel.
  • AI assistants are not yet reliable for travel booking, and their suggested hotels may not exist.

The sentiment towards AI chatbots for travel booking is mixed. Bard is praised for its flight suggestions but criticized for not providing a booking link. ChatGPT is considered a total fail. The Kayak plugin wins by default but suggests a hotel in the wrong location. Bard's suggestion of a non-existent hotel and fictional transcript is frustrating. Overall, AI assistants are seen as not yet reliable for travel booking.

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