Litecoin spikes 25%: What's behind the sudden surge?


30 Jun 2023 9:22 PM

Litecoin, one of the oldest coins in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, has received a sharp boost in price, though the immediate causes are not clear....

  • Litecoin has experienced a significant increase in value, rising by 24.6% to $105 within the last 24 hours.
  • The surge in Litecoin's valuation does not seem to be linked to any specific event or news release.
  • One potential factor contributing to this surge is Litecoin being exempted from the SEC's list of unregistered securities.
  • Litecoin was created in 2011 as a fork from the original Bitcoin blockchain, aiming to counter concerns of excessive centralization.
  • Litecoin's market capitalization is $7.74 billion, with a circulating supply of 73.26 million LTC.

The article highlights the remarkable rise in Litecoin's value, suggesting positive sentiment surrounding the cryptocurrency.

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