Litecoin: A look at the state of LTC hodling as its halving draws near


29 Jun 2023 10:30 PM

Litecoin’s mean coin age just reached a new 3-month high. This confirms that a percentage of recently acquired LTC coins have not been moved during the same period....

  • Litecoin's upcoming halving is less than 5 weeks away, but there is not much excitement surrounding it.
  • On-chain data shows that a significant proportion of LTC holders are hodling their coins, as evidenced by the mean coin age reaching a new 3-month high.
  • The recent sell pressure in LTC does not align with the increase in mean coin age, suggesting profit-taking by whales.
  • Whales holding over 100,000 LTC have been trimming their budget since June 23, impacting price action.
  • Some whale categories have been accumulating LTC as the price dipped lower.
  • The development activity and weighted sentiment metrics for Litecoin indicate relative inactivity and low excitement among investors.
  • The closer the Litecoin halving gets, the more likely investor sentiments may shift, potentially impacting the outcome.

The sentiment surrounding Litecoin in the article is mostly neutral, with a mention of low excitement among investors.

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