Lido TVL surges: How did Ethereum, Solana help?


19 Sep 2023 7:30 PM

As Ethereum and Solana deposits climb on Lido, the Ethereum staking platform sees a rally in TVL....

  • The TVL (total value locked) of Lido, a liquid staking protocol for Ethereum, increased slightly in the past week due to growth in ETH and Solana deposits.
  • Between September 11 and 18, ETH and SOL deposits on Lido grew by 0.53% and 8% respectively, resulting in a 1% growth in TVL.
  • Lido's TVL currently stands at around $14.35 billion, with a 3.11% rally in the last month.
  • Lido led as the protocol with the most net new deposits to the Ethereum Beacon Chain during the period under review.
  • The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of Lido's staked Ether (stETH) saw a minor decline of 2% on a seven-day moving average.
  • The amount of wrapped staked Ether (wstETH) deposited for trades across DeFi pools increased by 0.08% within the period.
  • Interest in Lido's token (LDO) in the futures market has remained low since the beginning of the month, with Open Interest fluctuating between $37 million and $40 million.

The article provides a mix of positive and neutral information about Lido's TVL growth and deposit activity, but mentions low interest in LDO in the futures market.

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