Ledger Jumps Into Institutional Trading Tech Market With Tradelink's Launch


29 Jun 2023 9:45 PM

Tradelink purpotedly reduces transaction charges by 80%....

  • Ledger, a prominent crypto wallet service provider, has launched a new trading and settlement network technology called Tradelink.
  • Tradelink is designed for asset managers, custodians, and exchanges/OTC with off-exchange trading capabilities.
  • The new product aims to reduce transaction charges by 80% and eliminate unnecessary complexities while increasing operational speed.
  • Ledger believes that Tradelink will provide better trading options for enterprises and make the cryptocurrency ecosystem safer and more transparent.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive. It highlights the benefits of Tradelink, such as reducing transaction charges and simplifying trading processes. The article also emphasizes the positive impact on asset managers, custodians, and exchanges.

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