Sleek, the Web3 Social Network, Raises US$5m to Power the Ownership Economy


17 Nov 2023 4:25 PM

Sleek, a Web3 social network, today announces they have successfully raised US$5 million in a seed round, enabling them to power the ownership economy and bring blockchain-powered social media to the masses. ...

  • Sleek, a Web3 social network, has raised $5 million in a seed round to bring blockchain-powered social media to the masses.
  • The company aims to revolutionize human connection by making networking simple, fun, and productive.
  • Sleek offers a platform that allows users to exchange information, onboard new people into their network, and incentivize community building through Web3 Social Finance (SocialFi) business models.
  • Sleek's first product, Sleek Card, creates a blockchain wallet and decentralized identity for users, facilitating networking in person.
  • Sleek Card has powered over 300,000 connections and has partnered with various organizations to bring innovative event experiences to life.
  • In the first half of 2024, Sleek will launch an open marketplace for domain experts to tokenize their knowledge.
  • Sleek's investors include Binance Labs, Shima Capital, Spartan Group, and several angel investors.

The article has a positive sentiment overall, highlighting Sleek's success in raising funds and its potential to revolutionize social networking through blockchain technology.

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