Bitcoin Fees Overtake Ethereum as Ordinals Drive Market Activity


21 Nov 2023 5:10 AM

Explore the recent shift in transaction fees where Bitcoin has surpassed Ethereum, driven by the growing interest in Ordinals-based assets and market movements....

  • Ordinals allow for unique, non-fungible data to be inscribed onto individual satoshis, making them one-of-a-kind digital artifacts similar to NFTs.
  • This development expands the possibilities for art, collectibles, and digital expression within the Bitcoin network.
  • Ordinals inscriptions are embedded directly into the Bitcoin blockchain, unlike traditional NFTs on Ethereum.
  • The implementation of ordinals has sparked debates within the Bitcoin community regarding block space, transaction fees, and Bitcoin's identity.
  • Bitcoin's average daily transaction fees have recently surpassed those of Ethereum, attributed to increased activity surrounding ordinals.
  • On November 20, Bitcoin's average daily transaction fee was $10.34, overtaking Ethereum's fee of $8.43.
  • Bitcoin's transaction fees reached a six-month high on November 16 at $18.67, correlated with rising interest in assets inscribed with the Ordinals Protocol.
  • Since October 24, over 6 million Ordinal assets have been inscribed, generating more than 800 BTC in transaction fees.

The article discusses the implementation of ordinals in Bitcoin, highlighting its significance for digital expression and the debates it has sparked within the Bitcoin community. It also mentions the recent increase in Bitcoin's transaction fees, attributed to the rising interest in assets inscribed with the Ordinals Protocol.

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