U.S. Debt Surge Could Trigger More Money Printing, Warns Ray Dalio


19 Sep 2023 1:04 PM

Billionaire Ray Dalio predicts that escalating U.S. national debt may compel the government to print more money, posing risks to bondholders and the economy....

  • Ray Dalio, billionaire investor and founder of Bridgewater Associates, expressed concerns about the United States resorting to printing more money as national debt continues to rise.
  • Increasing levels of national debt could trigger a recession and lead to the necessity of printing more money.
  • The U.S. national debt has reached $33.04 trillion, posing a significant risk for the country and U.S. bondholders.
  • If the government prints more money, the value of the dollar would decline, affecting the value of U.S. bonds and potentially leading to bondholders selling off their assets.
  • Dalio highlighted the unexpected strength of the economy, attributing it to a wealth shift from the public sector and bondholders to the private sector.
  • He warned about the worsening financial health of central governments and banks burdened by debt obligations, which may result in taxation and money printing.
  • Dalio mentioned the possibility of slow growth, high inflation, self-reinforcing debt spirals, and other factors like conflicts, climate change costs, and disruptive technologies impacting the economy.

The sentiment of the article is mostly negative, as it highlights concerns about the United States' increasing national debt, the potential need for money printing, and the risks associated with it. Ray Dalio's warnings about the financial health of central governments and banks, as well as the impact of factors like conflicts, climate change, and disruptive technologies, contribute to the negative sentiment.

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