Jordan Peterson Sparks Discussion on Bitcoin vs. Traditional Banks


17 Sep 2023 1:28 PM

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson recently triggered a debate on whether Bitcoin could serve as a viable alternative to traditional banking systems....

  • Renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson sparked a conversation about Bitcoin potentially replacing traditional banking systems.
  • The discussion was prompted by news that Macquarie Bank in Australia plans to discontinue cash, check, and phone payment services.
  • Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, professor, and cultural critic known for his opposition to compelled speech and political correctness.
  • He is also a best-selling author and has a significant social media following.
  • Macquarie Bank's decision to go digital-only has sparked debate and concerns about the impact on various groups, such as lower-income households and the elderly.
  • Peterson has previously discussed Bitcoin in an episode of his podcast.

The sentiment in the article is mixed. Peterson's discussion about Bitcoin replacing traditional banking systems is seen as thought-provoking, but there are concerns about the impact of a cashless society and the potential consequences for certain groups.

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