Boerse Stuttgart Digital & Munich Re Launch Insured Staking for Institutions


15 Sep 2023 11:36 PM

Boerse Stuttgart Digital collaborates with Munich Re unveil a fully insured staking solution for institutional investors, aiming to set a new standard for staking security in Europe....

  • Boerse Stuttgart Digital, a regulated entity in Germany, offers digital services for B2B clients in the crypto and digital asset world.
  • They have extended their partnership with Munich Re Group to create a secure staking solution for institutional investors.
  • Munich Re Group has developed specialized insurance coverage to minimize risks for Boerse Stuttgart Digital.
  • Boerse Stuttgart Digital Custody will expand its services to include the new staking offering.
  • They are collaborating with Staking Facilities Stuttgart to develop the insured staking solution.
  • Boerse Stuttgart Digital has been collaborating with Munich Re Group in the field of custody insurance since 2022.
  • The staking solution aims to provide an alternative revenue stream for institutional investors.

The article portrays a positive sentiment, highlighting the strengthened relationship between Boerse Stuttgart Digital and Munich Re Group, and the need for a secure and insured environment for institutional investors.

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