Cramer's Alert: Prepare for Market Shocks After FOMC Press Conference on Sep 20


18 Sep 2023 12:31 PM

Jim Cramer cautions investors to be ready for market fluctuations following the Federal Reserve's FOMC press conference scheduled for September 20, 2023....

  • Jim Cramer discusses various topics affecting the stock market, including the Federal Reserve's upcoming FOMC meeting, earnings reports, IPOs, and sector-specific insights.
  • The FOMC is responsible for overseeing open market operations and meets eight times a year to review economic and financial conditions.
  • Cramer expresses concern about the upcoming FOMC meeting and Fed Chair Jerome Powell's focus on curbing inflation.
  • He mentions specific companies like Disney, Instacart, FedEx, General Mills, AutoZone, and Advance Auto Parts, discussing their performance and potential impact on the market.
  • Cramer highlights the potential impact of the Federal Reserve's stance on inflation on the housing market.

The article provides a mix of positive and negative sentiment. Positive sentiment includes discussions about well-performing companies like Disney and AutoZone, while negative sentiment arises from concerns about the upcoming FOMC meeting and potential market turbulence.

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