Blockchain Expert on Why XRP Offers "Bigger Expected Returns" Than Ripple Stock


16 Sep 2023 8:32 AM

Panos Mekras, a blockchain consultant, shares his insights on the investment potential of XRP tokens compared to Ripple's stock, emphasizing XRP's higher return prospects....

  • Panos Mekras, a blockchain consultant and financial technology expert, discussed the investment question of whether to invest in Ripple's potential IPO or buy XRP tokens.
  • Mekras suggested two investment paths: investing in Ripple's IPO for those with confidence in Ripple as a company, or buying XRP tokens for those who see potential in XRP and the XRP Ledger.
  • Mekras acknowledged that Ripple is generally a safer investment but highlighted that XRP offers higher potential returns.
  • He mentioned that the XRP Ledger could attract thousands of companies and millions of users, making XRP a more promising option compared to Ripple as a single company.
  • Mekras agreed with the idea of investing in both Ripple's stock and XRP tokens but advised those leaning more towards Ripple to invest more in its stock.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive, with Mekras discussing the potential of both Ripple's IPO and XRP tokens. He highlights the advantages and potential returns of investing in XRP, while also acknowledging the safety of investing in Ripple.

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