Japan's Nomura Bank subsidiary Laser Digital launches Bitcoin fund


19 Sep 2023 3:20 PM

Japan-based Nomura Holding subsidiary Laser Digital has laucnhed a Bitcoin fund to entice institutional investors....

  • Japan-based investment bank Nomura's digital asset subsidiary, Laser Digital, has launched a Bitcoin adoption fund to attract institutional investors.
  • The fund will exclusively offer exposure to Bitcoin in a long-only strategy, positioning it as an economical and secure investment option.
  • To enhance asset security, the fund has partnered with Komainu, a joint venture established by Nomura, Ledger, and CoinShares.
  • The fund operates within the Laser Digital Funds Segregated Portfolio Company framework, registered in the Cayman Islands.
  • Sebastien Guglietta, Head of Laser Digital Asset Management, highlights Bitcoin as a significant driver of long-term economic change.
  • Fiona King, Head of Distribution, expresses delight at the launch of the Bitcoin Adoption Fund.

The article highlights the launch of a Bitcoin adoption fund by Nomura's digital asset subsidiary, Laser Digital. The tone is positive, emphasizing the potential benefits and security measures of the fund.

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