Japan's Regulatory Shift: Start-ups Granted Permission To Raise Funds With Crypto Instead Of Stocks | Bitcoinist.com


15 Sep 2023 9:00 PM

In a significant development for crypto, the Japanese government has announced a relaxation of regulations about startup funding....

  • The Japanese government has relaxed regulations to allow startups to accept digital assets as an alternative to traditional stocks.
  • This move aims to foster a more supportive environment for startups and align Japan with international standards in handling digital currencies.
  • Startups can now receive investments in the form of crypto through the Investment Business Limited Liability Union (LPS) fund.
  • The Financial Services Agency (FSA) has proposed exempting domestic companies from the "unrealized gains" tax on cryptocurrencies, creating a favorable environment for Web3 technologies and blockchain startups.
  • The reform could increase accessibility, attract a broader range of investors, provide startups with enhanced liquidity, and stimulate the growth of the digital currency market in Japan.

The article highlights a positive development for the crypto industry in Japan, with the relaxation of regulations and the potential benefits for startups and the digital currency market. The sentiment is overall optimistic.

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